"Innate lymphoid cells: development, differentiation, dynamics"「自然リンパ球:発生、分化、動態」



開催日時 2024年6月21日(金)10:00~11:30
開催場所 Auditorium, Bdlg.1 (1号館講堂)
講師 James DI SANTO, MD, PhD (ジム ディサント)
所属・職名 Institut Pasteur・Professor(パスツール研究所)
演題 "Innate lymphoid cells: development, differentiation, dynamics"「自然リンパ球:発生、分化、動態」
Ken J. Ishii / 石井健(Div. Vaccine Science/ワクチン科学分野)
Cevayir Coban /ジェヴァイア チョバン(Div Malaria Immunologyマラリア免疫学分野)


Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) are a family of specialized immune cells that differentiate from hematopoietic precursors into canonical groups (ILC1, ILC2, ILC3) that can rapidly provide critical soluble cytokines in the context of infection and inflammation. ILCs have the potential to sense environmental changes within tissues which can imprint changes in their effector functions: this can result in durable reinforced capacities (‘training’ and ‘fitness’) or new functionalities (‘plasticity’). The mechanistic underpinning of these environmentally induced changes in ILC function are unclear but the re-wiring of metabolic pathways may be involved. How ILCs physically behave as long-lived tissue-resident cells is likewise poorly understood. Here I will describe recent and ongoing studies to understand the impact of intestinal ILC heterogeneity and cellular dynamics for mucosal barrier function in health and disease. These finding have implications for future use of ILC as novel cell therapies for human diseases and vaccination.