Interactions between malaria parasite species: Do they matter?



開催日時 2023年7月21日(金)13:00~14:00
開催場所 1号館講堂
講師 Dr. Richard Culleton
所属・職名 Professor Division of Molecular Parasitology, Ehime University
演題 Professor Division of Molecular Parasitology, Ehime University
世話人 主たる世話人 Cevayir Coban(マラリア免疫学分野)
       石井 健(ワクチン科学分野)


Multiple species of malaria parasites cause disease in humans. The ranges of these species often overlap, and they may be found infecting the same populations at the same time. Due to this, mixed-species infections, in which hosts are simultaneously infected by multiple malaria parasite species, are common, and are yet relatively understudied. Malaria parasite species in mixed infections interact and compete for host resources such as space and nutrition. The consequences of these interactions for disease severity, pathology and parasite fitness are currently poorly understood. I will discuss laboratory experiments in which mixed malaria parasite species infections have been studied in mice, and relate these to recent field work involving analysis of mixed species infections in asymptomatic malaria parasite carriers in central Africa.