Comprehensive 3D Imaging by Tissue Clearing Technique CUBIC


"Comprehensive 3D Imaging by Tissue Clearing Technique CUBIC"

開催日時: 2019年12月17日(火)14:00~15:00
開催場所: 病院棟8階 南会議室
演者氏名: 田井中 一貴
所属・職名: 新潟大学脳研究所システム脳病態学分野・教授
国名: 日本
Optical sectioning with light-sheet microscopy in combination with recent advances in tissue-clearing techniques is one of the promising strategies toward three dimensional visualization of biological tissues. Recently, we have developed a rodent brain/body clearing and imaging method, termed CUBIC (clear, unobstructed brain/body imaging cocktails and computational analysis) (Susaki et al., Cell, 2014; Tainaka et al., Cell, 2014). However, tissue-clearing techniques still need to be improved for the 3D imaging of larger primate and human organs and mammalian whole bodies. To achieve scalable clearing of such large samples in aqueous media, we considered a series of chemical processes, including delipidation, decoloring, refractive index matching, and decalcification (Tainaka et al., Cell Rep, 2018). The new CUBIC protocols enabled to visualize cancer metastasis in mouse body (Kubota et al., Cell Rep, 2017), and to construct a point-based mouse brain atlas with single-cell annotation (Murakami et al., Nat Neurosci, 2018). Our CUBIC cocktails are also applicable to human brain tissue block. We will introduce potential availability of CUBIC-based 3D neuropathology.
使用言語: 英語
世話人: Cevayir COBAN (マラリア免疫学分野・教授)