What's New /新着情報

🛫 2024/05/24Thank you Dr. Suheyla Ekemen for succesfully finalizing your Fellowhip program. Our many thanks to Takeda Science Foundation for supporting your studies. We wish you a success in your studies and hope to continue collaborate with you!

👏2024/04/20 Jalal, Rashmi and Michelle's paper is out in International Immunology. Congratulations!

🌷2024/05/01 Welcome to our lab Dr. Mariana SILVA ALMEIDA.

🌷2024/04/16 Welcome to our lab Dr. Niloufar KAVIAN-TESSLER.

👋2024/04/30 2024/02/01... Sayonara to Dr. Mariko KAMIOKA, JSPS RPD Fellow.

🌷2024/03/31 Thank you Dr. Michelle Sue Jann LEE for your great contributions to Coban Lab and the immunology of malaria! We wish you the best of luck in your new life endeavours. We will miss you.

🎓2024/03/21 Congratulations to Yuki TATEISHI on his PhD Degree! His PhD paper is here.

👏 2024/03/02 Michelle's paper is out in International Immunology. Congratulations!

🎓2024/01/25 Sayonara to Ayaka NIWA who finalized her MS time. Congratulations!

🐉2024/01/10 Medical School Free Quarter (FQ) student Yoshikawa-san started her rotation in our lab.

🎃2023/10/01 We welcomed our new Assistant Prof. Jalal Alshaweesh.

🌹 2023/06/01 Welcome back to our lab Dr. Ekemen!

✨2023/05/16 We welcomed Ms. Bolorbat to our lab.

📢2023/03/27 Farewel party.

🎓Ms. Mengling XU (JO Murei) finalized her MS degree. Congratulations!

👋Sayonara to Ms. Tomono Itoko, the lab secretary.

🐇2023/01/11 Medical School Free Quarter (FQ) student Nishino-san started his rotation in our lab.

🥇2022/12/08 Congratulations Michelle on JSI Young Women Investigators Award 2022!

🌷2022/03/17 Congratulations Julia on the IMSUT Outstanding Student Publication Award 2021!

🍫2022/02/07 Medical School Free Quarter (FQ) student Morise-san has started his rotation in our lab.

🍫2022/02/07 Our paper was chosen to be featured on the cover of the JEM magazine!

Journal of Experimental Medicine February 2022 Cover

⛄2022/01/04 A big welcome to JSPS Fellow Dr Kamioka! Looking forward to enjoying science with you!

🎅2021/12/15 We published an interesting paper in JEM which has great implications during infection and vaccination.
Michelle S. J. Lee, Takeshi Inoue, Wataru Ise, Julia Matsuo-Dapaah, James B. Wing, Burcu Temizoz, Kouji Kobiyama, Tomoya Hayashi, Ashwini Patil, Shimon Sakaguchi, A. Katharina Simon, Jelena S. Bezbradica, Satoru Nagatoishi, Kouhei Tsumoto, Jun-Ichiro Inoue, Shizuo Akira, Tomohiro Kurosaki, Ken J. Ishii, Cevayir Coban. December 16 2021. B cell intrinsic TBK1 is essential for germinal center formation during infection and vaccination in mice. Journal of Experimental Medicine.DOI: 10.1084/jem.20211336.

Please have a look at these press releases:
UTokyo(Research News)

IMSUT (Japanese)

IMSUT (English)

IFReC/Osaka University:


Japanese: 感染やワクチンにおける免疫記憶に必須なB細胞シグナル因子を発見 | 国立研究開発法人日本医療研究開発機構 (amed.go.jp) 
English: B-cell signaling factors essential for immunological memory in infections and vaccines discovered | Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (amed.go.jp)

Yahoo! News:

Science Daily:

More news from here → https://rupress.altmetric.com/details/118999366/news

🎅2021/12/15 Congratulations Michelle on JEM paper!

🎅2021/12/14 Welcome Camila to our lab! She is a research student of MEXT.

🎅2021/12/13 Thank you Prof. Culleton for organizing a wonderful meeting!

🍁2021/11/10 Finally we visited Meguro Parasitological Museum! (公益財団法人目黒寄生虫館) Thank you Kuromachi Sensei for your hospitality and great knowledge about parasites!
If you haven't visited Meguro Parasitological Museum yet, it is time:


🎃2021/10/15 We celebrated Ayana's and our new PhD student's arrival:)
Congratulations Rashmi on entering double-PhD degree program (CBMS/WINGS GSDM)!

🎃2021/10/11 A big welcome to Ms. A. Iijima, PhD student of University of Tsukuba. We are excited to share our research with her during the internship time.

🌕2021/09/13 Congratulations Jelena on her paper in PNAS! Thank you for involving us in this interesting study! TBK1 and IKKε act like an OFF switch to limit NLRP3 inflammasome pathway activation.

🌕2021/09/10 A yummy treat for a first First-author paper:)

🌞2021/08/30 Julia's CUBIC imaging of cerebral malaria article has been accepted! Enjoy cool CUBIC brain images at the International Immunology!
(International Immunology --> link to

🎋2021/07/14 We said goodbye to our interns. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!

🍃2021/05/19 We welcomed Ms. Tomono to our lab as a new support staff.

🍃2021/05/16 Please join us at AAI Virtual Immunology 2021 Meeting Osteoimmunology Session.

🌸2021/04/16 We welcomed our new lab support staff Ms. Yamauchi and Ms. Onda.

🌸2021/04/01 We welcomed researcher Ms. Dash, MSc student Ms. Xu and visiting student researcher Ms. Sawada to our lab.

🌷2021/03/31 We wish the best of luck to Dr. Koga at Juntendo University for her bone studies.

🍫2021/02/10 Congratulations Julia on successful Master's Course Completion.

⛄2021/01/28 Please join us at Nature Cafe

Topic: Nature Cafe on Type 2 Immunity: Challenges and Opportunities

🍁2020/11/27  47th IMSUT Founding Commemorative Symposium "Neo-Immunology on infection, allergy and cancer" 第47回医科学研究所創立記念シンポジウム

🌕2020/09/29 We join World Immune Regulation Meeting (WIRM)- XIV Digital on October 4-7, 2020.

🌞2020/08/18 Professor Coban's review article in Current Opinion in Immunology.

🌞2020/08/17 Trainee Research Technician , Mr. Morita has joined our team.


🎋2020/07/01 Our Recruitment page has been updated.