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Organization Chart

DeanYoshinori Murakami

Faculty Meeting

●Department of Microbiology and Immunology Chair:Kensuke Miyake
Division of Host-Parasite Interaction      
Division of Virology Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka General Research Building 3F
Division of Infectious Genetics Professor Kensuke Miyake Fourth Building 2F
Division of Mucosal Immunology Professor Hiroshi Kiyono General Research Building 4F
Division of Molecular Virology Professor Yasushi Kawaguchi General Research Building 3F
●Department of Cancer Biology Chair:Yuji Yamanashi
Division of Molecular Pathology Professor Yoshinori Murakami Fourth Building 4F
Division of Cellular and Molecular Biology Professor Jun-ichiro Inoue General Research Building 1F
Division of Genetics Professor Yuji Yamanashi Third Building 3F
Division of Cancer Cell Biology Professor Makoto Nakanishi Clinical Research Building A 2F
●Department of Basic Medical Sciences Chair:Toshiya Manabe
Division of Molecular Cell Signaling General Research Building 4F
Division of Neuronal Network Professor Toshiya Manabe Third Building 2F
Division of Cell Signaling and Molecular Medicine Professor Mutsuhiro Takekawa General Research Building 5F
Reserch Center
●Human Genome Center Director:Satoru Miyano
Laboratory of Genome Database Professor Satoru Miyano Human Genome Center
Laboratory of DNA Information Analysis Professor Satoru Miyano General Research Building 8F
Laboratory of Molecular Medicine Professor Tatsuhiro Shibata General Research Building 7F
Laboratory of Genome Technology
Laboratory of Sequence Analysis Professor Satoru Miyano Human Genome Center
Laboratory of Functional Analysis in silico Professor Kenta Nakai General Research Building 8F
Department of Public Policy Professor Kaori Muto Human Genome Center
●Center for Experimental Medicine and Systems Biology Director:Nobuaki Yoshida
Laboratory of Developmental Genetics Professor Nobuaki Yoshida General Research Building 1F
Laboratory of Innate Immunity Professor Kensuke Miyake  
Laboratory of Systems Biology Associate Professor Susumu Nakae Third Building 3F
Laboratory of Genetically Engineered Mouse Research Professor Kimi Araki  
Laboratory of Reproductive Systems Biology Professor
Masahito Ikawa  
Laboratory of Advanced Molecular Genetics Visiting Professor Kosuke Yusa  
●Advanced Clinical Research Center Director:Arinobu Tojo
Division of Molecular Therapy Professor Arinobu Tojo General Research Building 4F
Division of Cellular Therapy Professor Toshio Kitamura General Research Building 5F
Division of Infectious Diseases Professor Hiroshi Yotsuyanagi Clinical Research Building A 2F
Division of Bioengineering Professor Hideaki Tahara Human Genome Center (annex) 2F
Division of Clinical Genome Research Professor Yoichi Furukawa Third Building 4F
Division of Innovative Cancer Therapy Professor Tomoki Todo Second Building 4F
Division of Advanced Medicine Promotion Professor Fumitaka Nagamura Hospital Building B 2F
Division of Advanced Genome Medicine Associate Professor Naoya Kato Research Building (annex) 1F
Division of Genetic Therapeutics Professor Keiya Ozawa First Building 1F
●International Research Center for Infectious Diseases Director:Yoshihiro Kawaoka
Department of Special Pathogens Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka  
Professor Chieko Kai  
Department of Infectious Disease Control
Professor Yasushi Kawaguchi
└(Division of Viral Infection) Associate Professor Takeshi Ichinohe Third Building 1F
└(Division of Bacteriology) Associate Professor Hitomi Mimuro Third Building 1F
Pathogenic Microbes Repository Unit Associate Professor Hitomi Mimuro Third Building 1F
●Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Director:Hiromitsu Nakauchi
Division of Stem Cell Therapy Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi General Research Building 2F
(Stem Cell Bank) Associate Professor Makoto Ootsu Human Genome Center
(FACS Core Laboratory) Associate Professor Makoto Ootsu Open Laboratory Building 3F
Division of Stem Cell Processing Associate Professor Makoto Ootsu Human Genome Center
Division of Stem Cell Transplantation Professor Arinobu Tojo  
Division of Stem Cell Signaling Professor Toshio Kitamura  
Division of Stem Cell Dynamics Associate Professor Beate Heissig Third Building 3F
Division of Stem Cell Cellomics Associate Professor
Hiroshi Watarai Research Annex
●Laboratory Animal Research Center Director:Chieko Kai
Laboratory Animal Research Center Professor Chieko Kai General Research Building 2F
●Amami Laboratory of Injurious Animals Director:Chieko Kai
Amami Laboratory of Injurious Animals Professor Chieko Kai General Research Building 2F
●Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Director:Izumu Saito
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Professor Izumu Saito Third Building 4F
●Medical Proteomics Laboratory Director:Jun-ichiro Inoue
Medical Proteomics Laboratory Professor Kohei Tsumoto Third Building Basement, 2F
Open Laboratory 1F
●Center for Gene and Cell Therapy Director:Keiya Ozawa
Center for Gene and Cell Therapy Professor Keiya Ozawa  
●Health Intelligence Center
Division of Health Medical Data Science Professor Seiya Imoto Human Genome Center 4F
Division of Health Medical Computational Science Professor Satoru Miyano Human Genome Center 4F
●Research Center for Asian Infectious Diseases Director:Yasushi Kawaguchi
Research Center for Asian Infectious Diseases Professor Yasushi Kawaguchi Clinical Research Building A 2F
●International Research and Development Center for Mucosal Vaccine Director:Hiroshi Kiyono
  Professor Hiroshi Kiyono  
Division of Mucosal Barriology      
Division of Innate Immune Regulation Professor
Satoshi Uematsu Fourth Building 3F
IMSUT Hospital
  Director:Keiya Ozawa
Advanced Medical Care Unit      
 Departments of Internal Medicine      
  Department of Advanced Medical Science Professor Naohide Yamashita First Building 2F Director Office
  Department of Infectious Diseases and Applied Immunology Professor Hiroshi Yotsuyanagi  
  Department of Rheumatology and Allergy Associate Professor Hirotoshi Tanaka  
  Department of Hematology/Oncology Professor Arinobu Tojo  
  Department of Applied Genomics Professor Yoichi Furukawa  
  Department of Radiology Associate Professor Shigeru Kiryu  
  Department of Diagnostic Pathology  
 Departments of Surgery      
  Department of Surgery Associate Professor Masaru Shinozaki  
  Department of Anesthesia Associate Professor Ryo Orii  
  Department of Joint Surgery Senior Assistant Professor Hideyuki Takedani  
  Department of Surgical Neuro-Oncology Professor Tomoki Todo  
  Department of Palliative Medicine Professor Arinobu Tojo  
Department of Medical Informatics Associate Professor Shigeru Kiryu  
Department of Radiological Technology Associate Professor Shigeru Kiryu  
Department of Cell Processing and Transfusion Associate Professor Tokiko Nagamura  
Surgical Center Professor Tomoki Todo  
Department of Medical Supply Center Professor Tomoki Todo  
Department of Laboratory Medicine
Department of Pathology
Therapeutic Vector Development Center Professor Tomoki Todo  
Regional Medical Liaison Office Professor Arinobu Tojo  
Center for Clinical Trial Safety and Infection Control Professor Arinobu Tojo  
  Department of Clinical Trial Safety Management Associate Professor Osamu Hosono  
  Department of Infection Prevention and Control Senior Assistant Professor Tomohiko Koibuchi  
Radiation Control Office Associate Professor Shigeru Kiryu  
Center for Translational Research Professor Fumitaka Nagamura  
Center for Antibody and Vaccine Therapy Professor Hirotoshi Tanaka  
Professor (Project) Yataro Daigo  
Department of Pharmacy Pharmacy Director Yosuke Kurokawa  
Department of Nursing Nursing Director Koji Kobayashi  
Department of AIDS Vaccine Development Professor Tetsuro Matano  
Corporate Sponsored Research Programs, Social Cooperation Research Programs
Project Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology Professor (Project) Sumiko Watanabe Open Laboratory Building 3F
Project Division of RNA Medical Science Associate Professor
Masaki Takahashi Open Laboratory Building 2F
Project Division of Systems Immunology Research Associate Professor
Takeshi Sato Fourth Building 3F
Project Division of Advanced Regenerative Medicine Associate Professor
Satoshi Yamazaki First Building 3F
Project Division of International Advanced Medical Research Associate Professor
Koichiro Yuji First Building 3F
Project Division of ALA Advanced Medical Research Professor (Project) Kenzaburo Tani Open Laboratory 2F
Project Division of Fundamental Study on Cutting Edge of Genome Medicine Associate Professor
Hiroshi Yasui First Building 1F
Common Research Facilities
Animal Center Professor Chieko Kai  
Culture Media Section Head Jun-ichiro Inoue Third Building Basement
Library Head Yasushi Kawaguchi Human Genome Center (annex) 1F
Radioisotope Center Head Kensuke Miyake Fourth Building 1F
IT Service Room Head Mutsuhiro Takekawa First Building Basement
Photographic Laboratory Head Mutsuhiro Takekawa First Building 4F
Genetically Modified Microorganism Support Office Head Yasushi Kawaguchi  
Office of Research Ethics Head Kaori Muto First Building 3F
Office of Health and Safety Head Hitomi Mimuro Human Genome Center Basement
Office of Intellectual Property Head Jun-ichiro Inoue  
Advisory Room for Conflict of Interest Head Hirotoshi Tanaka  
Laboratory of Histopathology Head of Laboratory I Yoshinori Murakami  
Head of Laboratory II  
Gene Manipulated Mouse Section Professor Nobuaki Yoshida  
Professor Chieko Kai  
Imaging Core Laboratory Head Mutsuhiro Takekawa  
IMSUT Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory Head Arinobu Tojo  
Dean's Office
Dean's Office    
Dean's Advisor Office    
Project Coordination Office Head Mutsuhiro Takekawa
Office of Support for Platforms for Advanced Technologies and Research Resources Head / Visiting Professor Kohzoh Imai
Office of International Affairs Head Mutsuhiro Takekawa
Administration Office
  General Manager Kiyomi Ueda
Administrative Affairs Division Manager Toshihide Asakawa
Research Support Division Manager Isao Uehara
Hospital Division Manager Makoto Hidai
Strategic Academic Collaboration / the 125th Anniversary Project Division Manager Takaharu Mikami
Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology Professor Kaoru Uchimaru
Laboratory of Functional Genomics Professor Sumio Sugano
Laboratory of Clinical Genome Sequencing Professor Koichi Matsuda