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Department of Cancer Biology

Chair:Jun-ichiro Inoue Organization/Researchers

Formation and developement of cancer are multi-step that involves alteration of structure adn function of various genes that are relevant to cell growth, differentiation, and to cell-cell communication, the genes include oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, and their related genes. In the Department of Cancer Biology, we try to establish molecular mechaminsms of tumor formation and development basing on the function of these gene products.
Our goal is to understand
(1) how the cell growth and differentiation are regulated,
(2) molecular basis of angiogenesis,
(3) molecular meachanisms of invasion and metastasis of cancer,
(4) mechanisms of malignant transformation by tumor viruses,
and their pathogenic mechanisms of human cancer.

On going researches are as follows:

  1. Structure, expression, and function of cancer related genes including oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes
  2. Studies on signal transduction and gene expression involved in cell growth and differentiation
  3. Studies on inositol-phospholipid signaling
  4. Studies on cell-cell interaction, cell motility, and cytoskelton
  5. Molecular mechanisms of tumor angiogenesis, cancer cell invasion, and metastasis
  6. Molecular pathogenesis of malignant lymphomas, other solid tumors, and retrovirus-associated neoplasms

Division of Molecular Pathology

Head:Yoshinori Murakami | Fourth Building 4F



Yoshinori Murakami

Project Professor Takayuki Morisaki  
Visiting Professor Naohiko Koshikawa  
Visiting Associate Professor Daisuke Matsubara  
Assistant Professor Takeshi Ito  

Division of Molecular Pathology Website


Division of Cellular and Molecular Biology

Head:Jun-ichiro Inoue | General Research Building 1F



Jun-ichiro Inoue


Associate Professor Takeharu Sakamoto  
Assistant Professor Yuu Taguchi


Assistant Professor Mizuki Yamamoto


Division of Cellular and Molecular Biology Website


Division of Genetics

Head:Yuji Yamanashi | Third Building 3F



Yuji Yamanashi


Assistant Professor Ryo Ueta


Assistant Professor Akane Yamauchi
Assistant Professor Takahiro Eguchi

Division of Genetics Website


Division of Cancer Cell Biology

Head:Makoto Nakanishi | Fourth Building 2F



Makoto Nakanishi


Associate Professor Atsuya Nishiyama  
Assistant Professor Yoshikazu Johmura  

Division of Cancer Cell Biology Website