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Advanced Clinical Research Center

Director:Toshio Kitamura Organization/Researchers

The Advanced Clinical Research Center achieves the purpose-oriented research that bridges basic science to clinical medicine by the collaboration with IMSUT Basic Research Activities, Human Genome Center, and Animal Center for Experimental Human Disease. The Center consists of five Divisions of Molecular Therapy, Infectious Diseases, Bioengineering, and Immunological Pathology, and three Donated Laboratories of Divisions of Cell Processing (ASAHI CHEMICAL NISSHO Co.), Hematopoietic Factors (CHUGAI), and Genetic Diagnosis(OTSUKA). Our research projects are to innovate clinical technology utilizing basic information newly obtained from basic research of Genomics and Regenerative Science. Simultaneously, the Center proposes definite plans of translational research and actively gets involved in achieving the clinical studies performed in the Research Hospital. Our diagnostic and therapeutic technologies which we should promote will be changed from time to time. Currently, our Center has been involved in the developmental researches of new cell and gene therapies targetting immuno-hematological disorders, AIDS and solid tumors.

Division of Molecular Therapy

Head:Arinobu Tojo | General Research Building 4F



Arinobu Tojo


Associate Professor Satoshi Takahashi  
Visiting Associate Professor Hiroaki Taniguchi  
Assistant Professor Muneyoshi Futami  
Assistant Professor (Hospital) Seiko Kato  
Assistant Professor (Hospital) Takaaki Konuma  
Assistant Professor (Hospital) Toyotaka Kawamata  
Assistant Professor Masamichi Isobe

Division of Molecular Therapy Website
Molecular Targets Laboratory, Division of Molecular Therapy Website


Division of Cellular Therapy

Head:Toshio Kitamura | General Research Building 5F

We are mainly committed to basic studies on hematopoietic tumor, normal hematopoiesis and leukemic stem cells. Current efforts focus on elucidating the fundamental role of epigenetic alteration in hematopoietic malignancies, developing new treatment strategies with mouse models of hematopoietic tumor, and unraveling the detailed molecular mechanism of hematopoietic stem cell replication and differentiation. We also challenge the development of novel experimental tools, such as G0 marker mouse and cell cycle counter.


Toshio Kitamura


Associate Professor Susumu Goyama


Assistant Professor Tomofusa Fukuyama


Assistant Professor Yosuke Tanaka


Division of Cellular Therapy Website


Division of Infectious Diseases

Head:Hiroshi Yotsuyanagi | First Building 3F



Hiroshi Yotsuyanagi

Associate Professor Takeya Tsutsumi
Assistant Professor Michiko Koga
Assistant Professor Makoto Saito

Division of Infectious Diseases Website


Division of Clinical Genome Research

Head:Yoichi Furukawa | Third Building 4F

Through the analysis of molecules associated with cancer, we have been investigating the precise mechanisms of human carcinogenesis. Additionally, we are working on the implementation of genomic information to precision medicine, and are challenging for the development of anticancer drugs targeting novel molecular target(s) and the identification of novel biomarkers.


Yoichi Furukawa


Associate Professor Tsuneo Ikenoue


Project Senior Assistant Professor Kiyoshi Yamaguchi


Assistant Professor Kiyoko Takane


Division of Clinical Genome Research Website


Division of Innovative Cancer Therapy

Head:Tomoki Todo | Second Building 4F

We have been focusing on the development of innovative cancer treatment, especially with genetically-engineered viruses which can kill the tumor cells without affecting normal cells. G47Δ, a triple-mutated herpes simplex virus type I (HSV-1), exhibits potent therapeutic efficacy with enhanced safety. G47Δ has been used in several clinical trials that are ongoing. We are also seeking next generation therapeutics utilizng G47Δ and patient-derived glioma cell lines to overcome resistance, recurrence and metastasis often seen in the clinical settings.


Tomoki Todo


Project Associate Professor Minoru Tanaka


Assistant Professor(Hospital) Seisaku Kanayama


Assistant Professor Chalise Lushun


Assistant Professor Yoshinori Sakata


Assistant Professor Hirotaka Ito


Division of Innovative Cancer Therapy Website


Division of Advanced Medicine Promotion

Head:Fumitaka Nagamura | First Building 1F

In order to promote translational research that applies the results of basic research to clinical application, we conduct regulatory science and researches from the viewpoint of biostatistics and data management. We actively involve in new modalities, and actively promote the development of seeds not only in IMSUT, but from other institutes. Our works are closely related to Center for Translational Research of IMSUT Hospital.


Fumitaka Nagamura


Associate Professor Masanori Nojima


Division of Advanced Medicine Promotion Website


Division of Advanced Genome Medicine

Head:Yoshihiro Hirata | Research Building (Annex) 1F

The goals of our researches are to identify the mechanisms and to establish novel therapies especially for cancers and inflammatory diseases of the digestive system. One of the research fields is the inflammatory diseases, in which we investigated the molecular pathogenesis of gastritis, cholangitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Another research field is the malignancies. Using genetically engineered mice, we try to unvail the carcinogenic mechanisms driven by gene mutations.

Associate Professor

Yoshihiro Hirata


Senior Assistant Professor Yasuo Matsubara

Division of Advanced Genome Medicine Website


Division of Bioethics

Head:Ayako Kamisato | First Building 3F


Associate Professor

Ayako Kamisato


Division of Bioethics Website



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