2021年度共同研究報告 (国際)

IDNo. 研究代表者  研究課題名
K1001 Yusheng Cheng New treatment strategy in acute on chronic liver failure using iPS cell derived liver organoids 
K1002 Joydeep Bhadury Chimera formation assay with cynomolgus monkey embryos in vitro
K1006 Haiping He The study of immunological activation mechanism of umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stromal cells
K1007 Jacques-Olivier Coq Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy to Prevent Neurodevelopmental Disorders related to Low-Birth-Weight
K1008 Lars Eckmann Novel therapy of intestinal inflammation/infection by targeting mucosal interface
K1011 Emmanuelle Passegué Development of novel therapeutics targeting hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) aging
K1012 John F. Tisdale Development of a small-size lentiviral vector for efficient vector production and gene marking
K2004 Zhihai Qin To screen the natural biological compound to decrease the cytokine level derived from T cells
K2005 Alejandro Soto-Gutierrez Generation of iPS-derived human hepatocytes in rat liver
K2006 Watcharin Loilome Establishment of drug testing system for a precision medicine in cholangiocarcinoma
K2007 Omar Abdel-Wahab Analysis of plethora of ASXL functions under physiological and pathological conditions
K2010 Estelle Duprez Molecular signature of hematopoietic aging
K2011 Hyeseong Cho Molecular mechanisms underlying eukaryotic chromosome segregation
K2012 Xiao-dong He Study on gene regulation and histone lactating in cancer
K2014 Jacob Corn Unbiased evaluation of CRISPR-Cas3 mediated genome editing in cells
K2015 Heinrich Leonhardt Regulation and Function of DNA methylation
K2103 Teh Bin Tean Exploration of novel carcinogenesis processes by elucidating genomic signatures in Asian cancers
K3001 Eicke Latz Studying roles of Toll-like receptor 9 in autoimmune diseases
K3002 Peter B. Ernst Intratissue cohabitation of commensal bacteria for immunity and symbiosis
K3003 Robert Gifford Impact of human endogenous retroviruses on virus infections, human diseases, and evolution
K3005 Xiyun Yan A nanocaged nanobody display platform for infectious diseases detection and therapy
K3006 Kaixia Mi Establishment of a model system of co-infection of Mycobacterium and HIV in human monocyte cell lines to study their interactions
K3009 Anna Katharina (Katja) Simon Elucidation of mechanisms involved in tissue specific immunity during infection
K3010 Peter Katsikis Systems Immunology of human vaccine and immunotherapy
K3012 Catherine Tsai Development of M2e-based intranasal universal influenza vaccine utilizing PilVax platform