Opening Hours



 Weekdays 9am - 5pm (Office hours:9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm)

After Hours Use

 Weekdays 5pm - 9am
 Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, and New Year's holidays 24 hours

In order to use 24 hours a day, please fill in the application form and submit it to IMSUT Library. (weekdays, 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm)



Materials in the reading room are free to browse.

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Photocopying of Materials



There is a card-operated photocopier in the library.
Please ask Library staff when you use the machine.

You can photocopy library materials within the limit given by the Japanese copyright law.
When you photocopy the materials, please fill in the "Application for photocopying" set by the machine.

  • Photocopying personal items is not permitted.
  • Only one copy of a part of material is permitted per person for personal research/study.
  • The term "a part of material" is usually interpreted as meaning "one half or less".
  • Articles published in periodicals can be copied entirety as long as the next issue has been published, or three months have passed since the current issue was published.

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User Registration


By registration, students/faculty staff of the UTokyo can use all libraries of the UTokyo with your student/faculty ID card.
For students, no registration is necessary. But those who would like to change the pick-up library need to apply.

How to

Please come to IMSUT Library with following items. (weekdays, 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm)

Pick-up library (home library / receipt counter)
As a general rule, pick-up library is your department library. If you are researching at the IMSUT, you can change it to IMSUT library.

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Borrowing and Returning of Materials



Please bring the materials and your student/faculty ID card to the library office.
Or please fill in "Book Borrowing Form" and put it in the collection box.

Quantity Period Renew
Books 5 vols. 1 week 1 time / 1 week
Journals 8 vols. 1 day Unavailable
  • Reference books and unbound periodicals are not available for borrowing.
  • Books may be renewed if they are not yet overdue and not reserved by another user.


Please bring the materials to the library or book drop (1st. building, 2nd. floor).
You can also return materials borrowing from libraries on other campuses.

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Delivery of Books / Copies



When the material you want is not in IMSUT Library or the E-journal of the material is not available, you can do a request for photocopying or borrowing it from intra/inter libraries.
You must complete a registration procedure in order to use this service.

Application for MyOPAC Delivery Request Service

Please come to IMSUT Library with following items.

※Notice for paying by public expense
  • Signature and seal of a responsible faculty member (e.g., teaching staff who can pay at public expense) is required.
  • Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(KAKEN) cannot be used for payment.

How to request

Login MyOPAC. Search materials and click each request button on the search result.
Or, search Database (e.g., PubMed) and click [UTokyo Article Link] button→"Interlibrary Loan Request".
User's guide for MyOPAC Delivery Request Service

※The requests cannot be canceled after it is processed.
※The fees are non-refundable.
※Please search these catalogs before you request.

Fees and Delivery time

Copy requests
Delivery Type Expected Delivery Time Fees
From UTokyo libraries [PDF] UTokyo network More than 1 business day 20yen/page (Black-and-white/Color)
From UTokyo libraries [Copy] internal mail 2-3 business days Black-and-white: 20yen/page, Color: 60yen/page
From other Institutions [Japan] standard mail More than 4 business days Black-and-white: 30-60yen/page, Color: 80-200yen/page+postage
express mail 2-3 business days above fee+express fee
From other Institutions [Overseas] Please ask to Library staff

Book delivery/loan requests
Delivery Type Expected Delivery Time Fees
From UTokyo libraries parcel delivery service 2-3 business days No charge
From other Institutions [Japan] standard mail More than 4 business days 600-1,400yen
express mail 2-3 business days above fee+express fee
From other Institutions [Overseas] Please ask to Library staff

Payment and Receiving

We will send an e-mail of arrival notice.
The books delivered from UTokyo libraries at other campuses will be returned 7 days after contact.

Private expense
  1. Please transfer the fees to the following bank account after you get an e-mail from library.
    If you requested a PDF file, please transfer the fees to the account No.9519974.
    Sometimes you should make your payment to another bank account. So please read the notification e-mail carefully.

    order materials from UTokyo Libraries order materials from Other Institutions
    Bank name三井住友銀行 (Sumitomo Mitsui Bank)三井住友銀行 (Sumitomo Mitsui Bank)
    Branch東京第一支店 (Tokyo Daiichi Shiten)東京第一支店 (Tokyo Daiichi Shiten)
    Account Type普通口座 (Ordinary Account)普通口座 (Ordinary Account)
    Account No.95199749519982
    Account Name国立大学法人東京大学 (Kokuritsu Daigaku Houjin Tokyo Daigaku) 国立大学法人東京大学 (Kokuritsu Daigaku Houjin Tokyo Daigaku)
    Do not lose the transfer receipt! Please bring it to IMSUT Library.
    • You can also use another bank or internet banking. (You will have to pay a handling charge.)
    • If you have multiple applications, you can pay collectively. However, be careful not to mistake the amount of money.

  2. Bring the transfer receipt to IMSUT Library.(weekdays, 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm)
    Then, you will receive the material you requested.
    If you would like to keep the receipt, we will copy it. So, please delete the account balance part.
    • If you use internet banking, please send a screenshot of your transfer details to the following e-mail address or print it out and bring it to the IMSUT Library.
    • No new photocopy requests will be accepted until you complete payment on the outstanding request.
    • After you transfer, the payment will not be completed unless we confirm the receipt at IMSUT Library.
      Please pay the fees as soon as possible and bring the transfer receipt to IMSUT Library until the next day of payment.

Public expense

We transfer the total costs every quarter. You need not pay on each request.

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Using Other University Libraries


Sometimes pre-arrangement or letters of introduction are needed when visiting another university library.
Issuing a letter of introduction take several days, so please consult with the library as soon as possible.

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UTokyo WiFi (campus wireless LAN) is available at the library.
Account acquisition, about the connection, please check UTokyo WiFi page.

Group Study Room

The Group Study Room can be used by a group for studying and researching.

  • Hours: Weekdays, 9am-5pm
  • Eqipment: Wide white board, Monitor (application is required for use), UTokyo WiFi (Wireless LAN)
  • Representative making the applicatiion must be a member of IMSUT.
  • How long you can use the room depends on the number of users;
    • 1 person: 2 hours or fewer per day. Cannot be extended.
    • Group (We have up to 8 seats available, but in order to prevent the spread of infection, please avoid the 3Cs and apply with as few people as possible.): 3 hours or fewer per day. Extension is possible if there is no other reservations.
※If only one person comes at the start time of use, we will treat it as one person's use.


You can make a reservation up to 4 weeks in advance.
Reservation is not accepted by telephone.

  • at the library office:
    Please submit the application form and present your student/faculty ID card.

  • by Reservation Application Form:
    Please enter here.

  • by e-mail:
    Please send an e-mail to the library with the information below. (
    • Date and Time
    • Name
    • Department, Laboratory
    • Position
    • Telephone number (extension or mobile)
    • Purpose of use
    • Number of people
    • Use of Monitor (use or not use)
On the day of using

Please bring your student/faculty ID card, come to the library office.
※We cannot unlock the room between 12pm-1pm.

  • Please do not eat/drink, smoke, or make phone calls when you are in the room.
  • The room is not completely sound proofed, so please do not talk in a loud voice.
  • After use, please turn off the air conditioning and lights in the room.