Nanozymes: a new field bridging nanotechnology and medicine



開催日時 2023年2月1日(水)15:00~16:00
開催場所 1号館講堂
演者 Professor Xiyun Yan(閻錫薀) 
所属・職名 中国科学院 院士、中国科学院生物物理研究所 蛋白質医薬重点実験室 主任、中国科学院ナノザイム工学研究室 主任
国名 中国
演題 Nanozymes: a new field bridging nanotechnology and medicine
使用言語 英語
世話人 川口 寧


Dr. Yan has pioneered the concept of nanozyme, established the standard for the detection of nanozyme catalytic activity, and developed the first commercial nanozyme products for detecting Ebola, COVID-19 and tumors. Following her pioneering work, more than 12000 papers have been published by 400 laboratories across 35 countries describing 1000+ nanozymes utilized in medicine, agriculture and environmental protection. In 2022, the Nanozyme has been selected Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry by IUPAC and Dr. Yan is in the list of Top-cited Scientists. Also Dr. Yan is a world-renowned expert in tumor biology due to her discovering two novel tumor targets, CD146 and TfR1, for the therapy of melanoma, glioma, and pancreatic cancer, and phase I clinical trials are scheduled for the end of 2022.