To develop new medical modalities for the patients with cancer, our group is working on a wide range of studies including basic and clinical researches.

We have been identifying several molecules associated with the development and progression of gastroenterological tumors including colorectal, hepatobiliary, and pancreatic cancer. Through the in vitro and in vivo analyses of these molecules, we have clarified new function and/or regulatory mechanism(s) of the molecules. We also evaluate whether the molecules are druggable targets. In addition, efforts are made for the generation of mice models of human cancer, and the establishment of high throughput screening system, to facilitate the development and evaluation of new drugs. Furthermore, we have started studies of precision medicine for the patients with cancer using AI (artificial intelligence) in our hospital.

Students and young researchers, will you start the exploration of exciting and great findings with us in the field of life science?

Professor Yoichi Furukawa

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