Department of Radiology, Research Hospital The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo

Thanks to the advance of medical imaging hardware, information technology, and drugs such as contrast medias and radiopharmaceuticals, medical imaging has become indispensable to clinical medicine and medical science.

In our department, we perform radiological diagnosis of a variety of diseases and evaluate the pathophysiology using advanced imaging modalities such as multi-slice CT, high field strength MRI and hybrid SPECT-CT.

Another important role of our department is radiation therapy, which provides treatment for various tumors with relatively low burden on patients.  In addition to usual radiation therapy, total body irradiation for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is also important role of our department.

Department of Radiology
Associate professor

Dr. Akira Kunimatsu

Radiological service

All CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and angiography examinations are referred by physicians and conducted at our department. All diagnosis reports are created by radiologists.

With picture archiving and communication system(PACS), all radiological diagnosis is performed electronically.

Using multi-slice scanner with high spatial and temporal resolution capabilities, most X-ray CT examinations finish within a few minutes. Multiplanner reconstruction images and 3-D images, created via high speed imaging workstation, are also available.

For MRI, 3T scanner has been installed. The latest pulse sequence is available and updated periodically in our department. Because of unique feature of the research hospital, we experience a variety of neurological infectious diseases.

Hybrid SPECT-CT has been installed for nuclear medicine examination. Various oncological and functional studies, including FDG study, can be performed.

According to the requests of physicians, angiography, such as preoperative mapping and trans arterial embolization, is performed occasionally.

Radiation therapy is performed on malignant tumors as palliative or radical therapy. Due to an unique aspect of the research hospital, total body irradiation for bone marrow or cord blood transplantation are also performed.

Main equipments

320-slice multidetector CT (TOSHIBA Aquellion One)

3T super-conducting magnet MRI system (Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T)

Medical imaging workstations(ZIO Ziostation2 , GE Advantage Workstations and Aze Virtual Place)

Hybrid SPECT-CT scanner (GE Infinia VC Hawkeye)

Angiography system (Phillips Integris)

Plain X-ray system

Fluoroscopy system

Liniac system (Elekta Precise Treatment System)

320-slice multidetector CT


Hybrid SPECT-CT scanner

Liniac system

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