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Q: "Could you distribute the announcement of the international conference on XXX to the people of IMSUT?"
A: Under the agreement that IMSUT is NOT responsible for responding to the requests/inquires sent to, we will try to cope with the requests/inquires depending on the cases. But IMSUT may not respond to each case and all decisions on handling the requests/inquires may not fed back to the email senders.
Q: "Could you let me know the email address of Dr. XX?"
A: In principle, we will not respond to inquires of this kind by emails to Information of this kind may be available from Home Pages administered by Laboratories and Centers or from the URL site administered by the University of Tokyo.
Q: "Could you let me know researchers of IMSUT who are specialized in XX topics?"
A: The best way to get the information of this kind is to visit Home Pages administered by Laboratories and Centers. The University of Tokyo also provides information about each researcher. Please visit
Q: "I would like to apply for admission as a graduate student in the graduate school."
A: is NOT responsible for handling requests for application information.
"The International Center" provides useful information for this kind of request. We believe "Guide To Admissions" is one of the most useful documents. Please refer to it and follow the guidlines for requesting further information.


Q: "I would like to study under the supervision of Dr. XX in the graduate school. How can I get the information about the graduate school and supervisors"?
A: Introductory orientation to the graduate schools that the faculty members of IMSUT take part in as supervisors is scheduled every year and its information is available from "Daigakuin Setsumeikai" (in Japanese).

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Q: I would like to create a link to "".
A: Under the agreement that URL and their contents will be changed without any notice, you can make a link to "".

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