Research Achievements

A wealth of achievements in cancer research

We are carrying on cancer research at various levels from genome to mouse models. Recent activities are focused on the Wnt signaling, chromatin regulation, and mouse models of colorectal and biliary tract cancer.


Member Introduction

Friendly and kind members

The members are friendly and kind, and the atmosphere is calm and warm. We have good communication among the teachers and students, and a lot of collaborations with other laboratories. Staff members provide educational and helpful advices and assistance.


Research contents

From the analysis of carcinogenesis to clinical application

We perform not only the elucidation of human carcinogenesis but also the development of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. Application of artificial intelligence in the analysis of genome is underway.



2019.5.31 Information
Ms. Horie, a doctor-course student in our group, presented a poster in the 46th IMSUT-Founding Commemorative Symposium.
2019.5.25 Information
Our study in collaboration with a group in Mayo Clinic was accepted for publication in "Pharmacogenetics and Genomics".
2019.5.14 Information
Our paper on the study of Polymerase Proofreading-Associated Polyposis has been published in "Journal of Human Genetics".
2019.4.22 Information
We would welcome the visit of candidates for the master/doctor course of 2020. Please make an appointment in advance. The e-mail address is described below.
2019.4.18 Information
Our manuscript of the study of new regulatory mechanism of Wnt signaling pathway was accepted for publication in "Oncogene".
2019.4.18 Information
A renewal of our homepage was performed. The homepage is also avaiable on smart phones.

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