Biomedical research at the organismal level

Although an accurate and complete genome sequence of various organisms have been made available, the function of genes, the epigenetic mechanisms that control gene expressions, the role of genomic elements, including non-coding elements, are not fully understood, especially at the organismal level.

We establish in vivo experimental platforms using cutting-edge and genome-editing technologies in mice. The goal of our laboratory is to uncover various aspects of biology as well as pathogenesis of diseases using such advanced mouse models.

Our effort should promote the interdisciplinary research that connects a wide range of research fields, including stem cell biology, immunology, and cancer biology, which eventually contributes to the development of novel strategy to control the detrimental effects of diseases and aging in humans.

Dissecting cancer biology with iPS cell technology

Aging research with the in vivo reprogramming system

Uncovering epigenetic regulation in pluripotent stem cells
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