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Building Map (Click to display a large figure)
  1. Clinical Research Building B
  2. Clinical Research Building A
  3. Open Laboratory Building
  4. General Research Building
  5. New Hospital Building
  6. MRI Facility
  7. Clinical Center
  8. First Building
  9. Second Building
  1. Shirokane Hall
  2. Human Genome Center
  3. Third Building
  4. Fourth Building
  5. Animal Center
  6. Amgen Hall
  7. University of Tokyo
    International Lodge
  8. Nurses' Residence
  9. Medical Science Museum

First Building

Second Building

Third Building

Fourth Building

Human Genome Center

Clinical Building

Animal Center

Laboratory Map

The First Building West Center East
4th Floor     Photographic Laboratory   Research Hosptital
3rd Floor   (Common Use)   Div. Molecular Therapy Div. Infectious Diseases
iHead: Aikichi Iwamotoj
2nd Floor   (Space for Dept. Basic Medical Sciences) Seiichi Takasaki
(Div. Biochemistry)
  Vice Deans
Ichizo Kobayashi
(Div. Molecular Biology)
    Office of Director, Research Hospital The Office of the Dean
Conference Room
1st Floor Div. Infectious Genetics
(Head: )
(Common Use) Div. Bioengineering
(Head: Hideaki Tahara)
Office of Administration
Basement Div. Cell Ular Therapy
(Head: )
  (Common Use)
Conference Room
Div. Stem Cell Regulation
(Hideo Iba)
Dept. Advanced Medical Science
(Head: Naohide Yamashita)
Culture Media Section

The Second Building West East
4th Floor    
3rd Floor   Div. Celluar and Molecular Biology
(Head: Jun-ichiro Inoue)
2nd Floor Div. Neuronal Network
(Head: Yoshikazu Nakamura)
1st Floor   Space for Experiment (Y. Kawaoka)
Library Stock Room
Basement Div. Fine Morphology
(Head: Eisaku Katayama)

The Third Building North South
4th Floor Laboratory of Molecular Genetics
(Director: Izumu Saito)
Div. Oncology
(Head: Tadashi Yamamoto)
(Div. Virology)
3rd Floor Lab. Genome Structure Analysis (HGC)
(Head: Sumio Sugano)
Div. Cancer Cell Research
(Head: Motoharu Seiki)
2nd Floor Div. Molecular Neurobiology
(Head: Katsuhiko Mikoshiba)
Div. Neuronal Network
(Head: (Toshiya Manabe))
1st Floor Div. Biochemistry
(Head: Tadaomi Takenawa)
Div. Molecular and Developmental Biology
(Head: Ken-ichi Aarai)
Basement (Common Use)
Space for Experiment (C. Kai, T. Yokota, K. Tani)
Culture Media Section

The Fourth Building
West East
4th Floor Div. Immunology
(Head: Kiyoshi Takatsu)
3rd Floor Lab. Cell Biology (CEM)
(Head: Yoichiro Iwakura)
2nd Floor Radio Isotope Center
1st Floor Radio Isotope Center
Basement Radio Isotope Center

Clinical Research Building A
4th Floor
3rd Floor Div. Cell Processing (Asahi Chemical & Nisho)
(Head: Tsuneo A. Takahashi)
2nd Floor Div. Clinical Immunology
(Head: Chikao Morimoto)
1st Floor Tomoki Nishiyama (Dept. Surgical Center)
B1 Div. Clinical Immunology
(Head: Chikao Morimoto)
B2 RIKEN SNP Research Center

Clinical Research Building B
1st Floor Div. Hematopoietic Factors (Chugai)
(Head: Toshio Kitamura)

MRI Building
2nd Floor  
1st Floor  

Clinical Center
2nd Floor Surgical Center Material Center
1st Floor Dept. Transfusion Medicine Dialysis Room Dept. Laboratory Medicine (Head: Noriharu Sato)
Basement Dept. Laboratory Medicine (Head: Noriharu Sato)

Human Genome Center West East
4th Floor Lab. Genome Database
(Head: Minoru Kanehisa)
3rd Floor   Lecture & Training Room
2nd Floor Lab. Molecular Medicine
(Head: Yusuke Nakamura)
Lab. Genome Technology
(Head: Yusuke Nakamura)
1st Floor Radio Isotope Center (HGC)
Super Computer Room
Basement Radio Isotope Center (HGC)

Amgen Hall
2nd Floor Large Conference Room Small Conference Room
1st Floor Div. Stem Cell Regulation (Amgen)
(Head: Ryuichi Nishinakamura)

Open Laboratory Building
3rd Floor Division of Molecular and Developmental Biology
(Head: Sumiko Watanabe)
Division of Stem Cell Engineering
(Head: Minoru Ueda)
2nd Floor Division of Genetic Diagnosis
(Co-heads: Takayuki Yamashita and Ituro Inoue)
1st Floor Division of Molecular Biology
(Shinobu Imajoh-Ohmi)
Division of Proteomics Research
(Head: Toshiaki Isobe)
Division of Cellular Proteomics
(Head: Seisuke Hattori)

General Research Building
South North
8th Floor Laboratory of DNA Information Analysis
(Head: Satoru Miyano)
Laboratory of Functional Analysis in silico
(Head: Kenta Nakai)
7th Floor Laboratory of Molecular Medicine
(Head: Yusuke Nakamura)
6th Floor @ Laboratory of Genome Technology
(Head: Yusuke Nakamura)
5th Floor Division of Genetics
(Head: Masabumi Shibuya)
4th Floor Division of Mucosal Immunology
(Head: Hiroshi Kiyono)
Div. Molecular Cell Signaling
(Head: Haruo Saito)
3rd Floor Div. Bacterial Infection
(Head: Chihiro Sasakawa)
Div. Virology
(Head: Yoshihiro Kawaoka)
2nd Floor Laboratory Animal Research Center
(Head: Chieko Kai)
Laboratory of Stem Cell Therapy
(Head: Hiromitsu Nakauchi)
1st Floor Lab. Gene Expression and Regulation (CEM)
(Nobuaki Yoshida)

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