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update: 2019/3/20

This page is the list of frequently-asked questions about how to use e-journals, databases, books, and so on.
If this page can't clear up your questions, please feel free to ask the IMSUT Library staff.


    How to use e-jorunals and databases

  1. How to use e-journals and databases outside campus.
    ¨@Online services available from outside the campus [GACoS]
  2. I want to know how to use e-journals.
  3. I want to select e-journals or databases by purposes.
  4. I want to learn steps searchig articles and geting it.
  5. Can I search many databases at a time?
    ¨@Quick Guide (GACoSj
  6. I want to learn about "MEDICAL ONLINE". On the database, the file type displayed is "FAX", not "PDF".
    ¨@How to use "MEDICAL ONLINE" - you can use the FAX service [JPN] [IMS only]
  7. I want to look through manuals of databases.
    ¨@GACoSFDatabase User Guide

    How to search OPACs for book form

  8. I want to konw which library is holding journals and books I need.
    ¨@UT OPAC
    ¨@Quick Guide (GACoSj
  9. Can I use journals/books searched on UT OPAC at the IMSUT Library? I don't know how to read the search result of UT OPAC.
    ¨@How to use the IMSUT Library > Location of materials
  10. The journals/books was not searched on UT OPAC. Can I pick other means?
    ¨@CiNii Books ¨@NDL Online
  11. I want to read research report summaries of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(KAKEN-HI) .
    ¨@Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) Database ¨@How to search themes of research projects by grants-in-aid [JPN] [IMS only]
  12. I want to read dissertations and theses.
    ¨@Caution! The IMSUT don't offer degrees. So the IMSUT Library isn't holding dissertations.
    ¨@Doctorial Dissertation Database The University of Tokyo
    ¨@CiNii Dissertaions
  13. I want to read newspapers.
    ¨@List of academic contents : Newspapers and weekly magazine [JPN]
  14. I want to check syllabi.
    ¨@Link to syllabi of graduate schools of the University of Tokyo [JPN]

    How to get materials from other libraries

  15. I want to request for photocopying materials/borrowing books from intra/inter libraries.
  16. I want to change the pick-up library ("Receipt counter").
  17. What's e-DDS?
    ¨@Request services : ILL

    How to use the IMSUT Library

  18. How to use the IMSUT Library?
    ¨@Users guide for IMSUT members
  19. I want to use the IMSUT Library after graduation/retirement.
    ¨@Library guide for non-member of IMSUT
    ¨@For alumni (UT Library system)
    ¨@For non-members (UT Library system)

    How to use other libraries

  20. I want to to visit the other library directly.
    ¨@How to visit the other library directly
  21. I want to return books borrowing from libraries on campus. I want to renew a loan.
    ¨@Request services : How to return books borrowing from libraries on campus, How to renew a loan

    How to write articles

  22. Wtat's bibliographc tools?
    ¨@How to use RefWorks
    ¨@How to use Mendeley
    ¨@How to use EndNote Web
  23. I want to learn instructions to authors, publication ethics and copyright.
    ¨@Link for writing articles.[JPN]


  24. I want to participate in a training session for using e-jorunals/databases.
    ¨@Database Training Course Schedule

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