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International Research and Development Center for Mucosal Vaccines

Director:Ken Ishii Organization/Researchers

Some of the communicable diseases such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV(AIDS), influenza virus, Ebola virus, MERS are continuously emerging and re-emerging in a global scale. In addition, non-communicable diseases such as allergy, cancer have been emerging health threat especially in developed countries. Given that most of those diseases involve mucosal area in their target organs, novel prevention and/or intervention targeting mucosal area would be attractive as well as unmet medical needs. Our center was established 2011 in order to facilitate the international collaborations among immunologists, microbiologists, cancer biologists, genome scientists and vaccinologists towards the ideal mucosal vaccine development. We also set an ambitious goal to nurture the next world leader scientist of the basic and applied science in the relevant field.

Division of Mucosal Barriology

Head:Cevayir Coban



Cevayir Coban

Visiting Professor Koji Hase
Project Associate Professor Takako Negishi-Koga
Visiting Associate Professor Shintaro Sato
Project Assistant Professor Taketoshi Mizutani

Division of Mucosal Barriology Website


Division of Innate Immune Regulation

Head:Satoshi Uematsu | Fourth Building 3F

Our division conducts functional analysis of intestinal innate immune cells, development of next-generation mucosal vaccine, and analysis of intestinal microbiota. We will develop immunoregulatory methods that target intestinal natural immune cells and create new treatments for dysbiosis related diseases that modulate the microbiota.

Project Professor

Satoshi Uematsu


Project Assistant Professor Kosuke Fujimoto

Division of Innate Immune Regulation Website


Division of Clinical Vaccinology

Head:Kohtaro Fujihashi | Fourth Building 3F

To explore new avenues for mucosal vaccine development, investigators have begun to employ novel adjuvants and targeting mucosal tissues and immune cells for vaccine delivery. Despite recent advanced sciences, it still remains to develop effective mucosal vaccines for human use. To this end, our main task is to define the effectiveness and safety of novel mucosal vaccines including adjuvant- and delivery system-development, and bring them from bench-top to practical applications.

Project Professor

Kohtaro Fujihashi


Project Associate Professor Yosuke Kurashima


Division of Clinical Vaccinology Website


Division of Mucosal Vaccines

Head:Ken Ishii | Fourth Building 3F

Division of Mucosal Vaccine is conducting research and development for mucosal vaccine development. Our scientific interests and focuses are mucosal immune system which is tightly regulated and influenced by environmental, dietary, and microbial factors. With this clarified and understood, we aim to develop nove vaccine and adjuvant for vaccination against infectious diseases, cancer, allergy and other immunological disorders.


Ken Ishii


Visiting Professor Jun Kunisawa
Visiting Associate Professor Tomonori Nochi
Project Senior Assistant Professor Rika Nakahashi

Division of Mucosal Vaccines Website


Division of Mucosal Symbiosis

Head:Yoshiyuki Goto | Fourth Building 3F

We aim to clarify the interplay between gut microorganisms and host epithelia and immune cells, and work on the development of new therapeutic approaches for infectious diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, metabolic diseases, cancer and neurological diseases. We also aim at the development of new technology to optimize the vaccine effect by identifying the intestinal microbes which contribute to activation of host immunity and clarifying the mechanism of activation of immune cells by these microbes.

Project Associate Professor

Yoshiyuki Goto


Invited Professor Tetsuro Matano


Division of Mucosal Symbiosis Website