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IMSUT Distinguished Professor Unit


Division of Stem Cell Therapy

Head:Hiromitsu Nakauchi | Amgen Hall

Our goal is to "Establish a New Frontier of Stem Cell Therapy by Connecting the Basic Science and Clinical Medicine." We are working to uncover new diseases, elucidating the causes of disease and developing therapeutic modalities by connecting the knowledge and methodology of basic science such as immunology, molecular biology, cell biology and developmental engineering with clinical medicine. We are also actively collaborating with international institutes including Stanford University in the US and Canadian Institutes of Health Research in Canada.

IMSUT Distinguished Professor

Hiromitsu Nakauchi


Project Associate Professor Tomoyuki Yamaguchi


Project Associate Professor Eiji Mizutani


Project Assistant Professor Hideki Masaki


Division of Stem Cell Therapy Website


Division of Mucosal Immunology

Head:Hiroshi Kiyono | General Research Building 4F

Our major goal is defining the cellular and molecular mechanisms of the mucosal immune system, which is sophisticatedly regulated, elaborated and flexible first line of severance and protective system. We have a mission to establish infrastructure system for the prevention and treatment of immune- and infectious-diseases by evolutionally novel and fusion technics using the agriculture and bioengineering science including botany and engineering knowledges.

IMSUT Distinguished Professor

Hiroshi Kiyono


Project Associate Professor Yosuke Kurashima


Project Senior Assistant Professor Rika Nakahashi


Division of Mucosal Immunology Website