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OIST-IMSUT Student Exchange Event 2014

The OIST-IMSUT Student Exchange Event was held on Friday, 22nd August, in the Medical Science Museum at IMSUT. This student exchange event was based on the academic agreement between IMSUT and OIST. IMSUT cooperated with OIST to plan the “OIST Study Tour,” where 14 students in their 1st and 2nd grade of the OIST PhD course travelled around Japanese universities or institutions to see the facilities and hold poster presentations. 17 students had registered and participated from our institute - 1 member to introduce IMSUT, and 5 members to hold poster presentations. We also had some students join at the last minute, and overall it was a very lively, successful event.

Morning Schedule - OIST Students Looked Inside IMSUT
The students divided into Groups A and B, and saw inside the Laboratory Animal Research Center, the International Research Center for Infectious Diseases, the Human Genome Center, the Division of Mucosal Barriology and the Laboratory of Proteomics.
  Left: Group A, Right: Group B

Afternoon Schedule – OIST-IMSUT Student Exchange Event
A representative from both IMSUT and OIST introduced their institutions, before poster presentations were held in 3 sessions. IMSUT Professors also joined their poster presentations, and held lively discussions.
  IMSUT Representative:       OIST Representative:
  Mr. Tetsuru Takenaga         Mr. Vincent Chan

  At the poster session        Exchanging opinions

Finally, the participants exchanged their opinions at the Medical Science Museum.
The students from OIST were from 9 different nationalities including Japan, and the entire student exchange event was held in English. The students were able to have a valuable experience, and the day made us all hold high hopes for further exchange.