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Conclusion of Academic Exchange Agreement between The Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo (IMSUT) and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)

On July 2nd 2013, the signing ceremony of the academic exchange agreement between IMSUT and OIST was held in the IMSUT Dean's Office.

《Back row, from the left》Mr. Shinji Kikuchi (IMSUT Administration staff), Prof..Jun-ichiro Inoue (IMSUT), Mr. Makoto Higasa (OIST Academic Exchange Coordinator), Prof. Kozo Imai (Director, IMSUT Hospital), Ms. Kikue Konno (IMSUT General Manager)
《Front row, from the left》Prof. Yoshinori Murakami (IMSUT Vice-Dean), Prof. Jeff Wickens (Dean of the Graduate School, OIST), Prof. Hiroshi Kiyono (IMSUT Dean), Prof. Tadashi Yamamoto (OIST).

It was agreed that we would promote exchanges of young researchers and faculty members between the two institutes, research collaborations and joint symposia with this agreement marking the start,

After the signing ceremony, Prof. Jeff Wickens visited IMSUT facilities, such as the GMP-compatible MucoRice cultivation room and microscope.core laboratory.