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GCOE Program Seminar "The search for immune correlates of controlled HIV infection" Nov. 26, 2012
GCOE Mini-Symposium "Genetic and epigenetic aspects of hematological malignancies" Nov. 9, 2012
GCOE Career Path Seminar The 12th Shirokane Career Platform "Minisymposium on Gender Equality in Globalization Era -Current Status and Future in Japanese Industry, Government and Academia-" (held in Japanese) Nov. 6, 2012
GCOE Program Seminar "Epigenetic Programming of the Cancer Phenotype" Nov. 5, 2012
GCOE The 5th Medical Science Mini-Symposium of Disorders "Lung Cancer and Respiratory Disorders -Genome study-Epidemiology-Addiction-Lifestyle related diseases-" (held in Japanese) Nov. 1, 2012
GCOE career path support technical seminar "Pathway analysis of comprehensive gene expression data.-Approach using an integrated platform for biological information-" Nov. 1, 2012
GCOE Program Seminar "Understanding the mechanism of mammalian aging and longevity to achieve ’Productive Aging’ - The importance of NAMPT/NAD/SIRT1 in the hypothalamus and adipose tissue and the NAD World" (held in Japanese) Oct. 31, 2012
GCOE Program Seminar "Gastrointestinal stem cell culture technology: potential applications in regenerative medicine and gastrointestinal epithelial biology" (held in Japanese) Oct. 24, 2012
Challenge and Promise in Cell and Vaccine Therapy in Asia -Toward Clinical Approval for Commercialization- Oct. 16, 2012
GCOE Program Seminar "Social and Legal Issues on Regenerative Medicine and Vaccine" Oct. 16, 2012
GCOE Program Seminar "Cancer Immunotherapy; Integration of T cell Biology with Nanogel- and Vector-Technology in Translational Research" Oct. 16, 2012
GCOE career path support technical seminar "Technical Seminar for Imaging Flow Cytometry ’ImageStreamX Mark II’" Oct. 2, 2012
GCOE Career Path Seminar "The 11th Shirokane Career Platform" (held in Japanese) Sep. 12, 2012
GCOE career path support technical seminar "The Applications on Biological Samples and the Mechanisms of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM)." Aug. 30, 2012
Meeting Report-19th East Asia Joint Symposium on Biochemical Research Aug. 22 - 25 2012
Meeting Report-International Student Research Forum Aug. 7 - 9 2012
GCOE Program Seminar "The Dendritic Cell Vaccination in AIDS" Aug. 3, 2012
GCOE Program Seminar "Targeted Therapy for Childhood Cancers Using siRNA and Nanoparticles - Bedside to Bench to Bedside -" Aug. 2, 2012
GCOE Seminar "Adenovirus Library and Its Application to Cancer-Targeted Oncolytic Adenovirus" (held in Japanese) Jul. 17, 2012
GCOE Medical Science Seminar "Helicobacter pylori and Human Disorders -Cutting Edge Research and Advanced Clinical Medicine-" (held in Japanese) Jul. 12, 2012