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IMSUT-Pasteur Institute Joint International Symposium
--Battling Infectious Diseases: the threat 100 years on—

Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Place: Auditorium of the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo
Sponsoring organizations:
"From Infectious Diseases to Medical Genomics" Implementation Committee (Tadashi Yamamoto, Committee Chair)
The Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo
Institut Pasteur
Association Pasteur Japon

This symposium brings together in one chamber scientists of Japan's Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo and France's Institut Pasteur, two institutes whose heritage as world-class centers for infectious disease research both stretch back more than 100 years. At a time when emerging and reemerging infectious diseases are posing renewed threats world-wide, this symposium will discuss the facts as well as such topics as the biological defense mechanisms humans and animals employ against disease. In addition, the Keynote speaker will be Alice Dautry, newly inaugurated president since September of the Institute Pasteur. This symposium will be held in English. Attendance is free-of-charge, with no advance registration needed. Please participate freely and actively!


<Opening remarks>
Tadashi Yamamoto 9:30-9:45
<Special Introduction>
Katsuhiko Mikoshiba
"Close scientific relationship between Pasteur Institute and IMSUT: Discovery of IP3 receptor initiated from the work at Pasteur"
<Keynote speech>
Alice Dautry
"The Pasteur Institute: its role in the fight against infectious diseases"
(15 min Coffee break)  
<Session I: Infectious diseases>
Yoshihiro Kawaoka
"Enigmas of emerging viral infections"
Frederic Tangy
"Live attenuated measles vaccine as a potential vaccination platform against HIV and flaviviruses"
asushi Kawaguchi
"Strategies of viral regulatory proteins in herpesvirus infections"
 (Lunch 12:25-13:45)  
Vincent Deubel
"A comprehensive approach towards Nipah Virus infection, prevention and treatment"
Chieko Kai
"Molecular approaches for Nipah virus and morbillivirus infections"
Chihiro Sasakawa
" Bacterial exploitation and subversion of host cell function"
Paul Brey
"Activities of the Institut Pasteur Network in Asia"
 (20min Coffee Break)  
<Session II: Immunology>
James Di Santo
"Using immune deficiency as a means to dissect immunity"
Jun-ichiro Inoue
"Immunoregulation by the TNF receptor-associated factor family"
Ana Cumano
"Lymphocyte development in the mouse embryo"
Hiroshi Kiyono
"Mucosal Decision for Immunity and Infection"
<Closing remarks>
Masatoshi Watanabe
Signing ceremony for the Academic exchange agreement 17:30-18:00

Party at Tomy Hall in IMSUT Hospital