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Message from the Dean

IMSUT-IMC Research Cooperation Kickoff Symposium Opening Remarks


First of all, a sincere thank-you that such a large number of you could make time in your busy schedules to attend today.
On this occasion we are holding a kickoff symposium today to commemorate the start of research cooperation between IMSUT and the Microbial Chemistry Research Foundation's Institute of Microbial Chemistry (IMC). For getting matters to this point, we must warmly thank many individuals, including Prof. Nomoto and Shibasaki, for their help and support.
Since Prof. Nomoto is a former member of IMSUT, and IMC is the research institute closest to IMSUT, close relations between individual scientists have been ongoing. To expand those relations to the organizational level, about two years ago Prof. Nomoto and our former Dean Seiki proposed that both institutes build a joint center revolving around research on cancer, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases and immunology. I think that Prof. Nomoto may have something to say about that point in his comments to follow. Through to today, both institutes have been seeking a form of cooperation that makes good use the characteristics of each institute.
Later for IMC, I think that Mr. Takahashi, Division Chief for Intellectual Property, will explain in detail about their very famous research screening natural substances for compounds, focusing on drug discovery and development for infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases and cancer etc. And after that, for IMSUT's side, Vice-Dean Miyake, will explain in detail about how since its founding as the Institute for Infectious Diseases by Kitasato Shibasaburo through to the present, for 120 years our institute has also been consistently conducting research aimed at drug development for infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases and cancer, etc. as one of its goals. Thus in drug development, both research institutes share a common goal, while each goes its own way with regard to its approach, based on both institutes' histories, characteristics and surrounding environments, etc. At IMSUT, we carry out basic research analyzing and elucidating the actuality of biological phenomena directly related to disease and pursue comprehensive analyses using a super-computer, then, as the only research institute with our own affiliated hospital, we advance research by serving as a bridge to apply research findings to the clinic.
At this time as our two institutes embark on research cooperation, the individual characteristics of our institutes become linked, and through the fusion of our heretofore independent research efforts targeting drug development, big contributions are expected toward the innovative drug development demanded now by Japan, as well as the world. Furthermore, I expect that this fusion will provide a great opportunity for the students and young researchers of our two institutes to broaden their horizons.
I really hope that the new research cooperation we are starting here today will blaze a trail toward new drug development, expanding both research institutes. Thank-you.