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Message from the Dean

IMSUT Long-time Service Recognition Ceremony 2011


Congratulation today on receiving your 20 years' service commendation.
With continuing gratitude for your long years of contributions, I offer up this congratulation together with the faculty members and employees present.

The other day (Nov. 18) at the Long-time Service Recognition Ceremony held on the main campus, among the warm words of congratulations President Hamada gave, two terms thoroughly resonated. "Era of Discontinuity" and "Moving the Forest: A World-leading Center of Knowledge" expressed the driving forces he hoped they could provide.

1. Surrounding the university is an era of discontinuity, and while the university's medium range strategy is precious, at the same time, changes arise suddenly in this era of discontinuity, and having the ability to respond rapidly in a sure-footed manner is important.

2. Related to that, President Hamada is setting an Action Scenario, "Moving the forest: A World-leading Center of Knowledge". The key to accomplishing this lies in what all of you have individually cultivated through your 20 years of experience; you are called on to become the driving force of the scenario by focusing your ideas and energies which are based on your experiences.

These messages should resonate with each of us next year as we face an epochal year commemorating the 120th anniversary of our forerunner, the Institute for Infectious Disease, and the 45th anniversary of its reorganization into the Institute of Medical Science, and their wisdom should animate our internally led reforms and advances as we aim to scale the pinnacles of science as the premier medical science institute of the world.

The idea is not to contemplate 120 years of tradition as an exercise in navel gazing, but rather that we must aim for the world's pinnacle by learning from that history while planning medium-term advances and reforms and responding rapidly but appropriately to short-term changes. Unquestionably, we must continue to contribute to the fight against mankind's diseases, and to do this we must move the forest of medical and life science that IMSUT has traditionally cultivated and transmit fundamental basic and clinical findings to the world that can reverberate into medical treatments for patients suffering from disease. To do this, I believe that we must pool our individual intellects, technical know-how and specialist abilities, and form a single circle as Team IMSUT to advance against the challenges we face. As the driving force to accomplish this, I call on all of you to demonstrate your abilities from here on in as well. I pray for ever better health for all of you, and ask and expect all of you to take an active role on Team IMSUT. Please accept my heart-felt congratulations on this day!