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Message from the Dean

2012 IMSUT Long-time Service Recognition Ceremony -Address by the Dean


To all eight of you including Mr. Katsuya Shimizu, Mr. Toru Kataoka, Mr. Makoto Jin, Mr. Nobuaki Maruyama, Ms. Kiyomi Watanabe, Ms. Chieko Konishi, Ms. Hisako Suyama, Ms. Minayo Hisahara who received an award today for 20 years of continuous service: please accept my sincere congratulations.
We are grateful to all of you for the contribution of your continuous service to the University of Tokyo, and on behalf of the IMSUT members, we extend heartfelt congratulations to all of you.
A few days ago (Nov. 21), at the continuous service awards ceremony held on the central campus, there was a memorable message from President Hamada. "The university" always has to stand at the forefront of society nurturing human resources and creating a new Japan. Therefore, the University of Tokyo with its understood leadership position must take the lead, he said, in facing the various challenges, and then in continued cooperation with other universities revive all of Japan and foster changes. Starting with each of us, we must all be conscious of the need to show and join together our individual abilities.
"Twentyfold" means "many-fold" or "numerous layers" in Japanese, so the juncture of 20 years is the result of a long succession. At the foundation of 20 years of accumulated experience, while creating a whole new concept in university operation and hospital service, I ask all of you by all means to be a driving force in guiding the University of Tokyo as well as the Institute of Medical Science and IMSUT Hospital toward a better course.
Furthermore, each of you has continually served since exactly the 100th anniversary of this institute's founding. This year we passed the institute's 120th anniversary and got off to a new start aiming for the world's pinnacle, headed for a bright future. At this juncture of your all surpassing 20 years of continual service, at the same time please make a new start from here in a fresh frame of mind. It is now 5 years until IMSUT's 125th anniversary and the 50th anniversary since the institute's reorganization, and to attain world recognition as the top of the medical/life science field, we are progressing in various restructurings under the IMSUT One to Gogo Project. In order to make this project a success, the intellects and specialized abilities of all of you richly experienced individuals are needed. I hold high expectations of you as important members of Team IMSUT, that you will demonstrate your full abilities and activities.
This brings me to the end, but I pray that each of you continues to advance in good health.
Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.