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About IMSUT as "International Joint Usage/Research Center"

The Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo (IMSUT) is a university-attached research institute of life science and medicine in Japan with world-class research achievements, and has an affiliated Research Hospital specializing in experimental medicine and translational medicine.

We conduct research on fundamental mechanisms and their applications to infectious diseases, cancers, and other specific diseases. Our main fields of study include infectious diseases, immune mechanisms, cancer signaling and metastasis, genome analysis, stem cell regenerative medicine, animal disease models etc.

Supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we have been promoting the Joint Usage/Research Center Project since FY2010. Moreover, on 13 November 2018, IMSUT was authorized as the "International Joint Research Center for Promoting Basic and Applied Research and Implementing Translational Research", and we are making a new start by expanding our activities worldwide.

We aim to improve medical science research standards at the international level, to increase new academic and scientific knowledge in medical science, to promote research and development of innovative medicines and medical technology, and to foster medical researchers and promote their wider exchange.

In addition, we are working toward the creation of new interdisciplinary research areas by opening up our research infrastructures and technologies, such as the latest results of genome analysis and regenerative medical technology, to all researchers both in Japan and abroad.

FY2020 Call for Proposals

IMSUT is now calling for joint research projects.
From this fiscal year, if the applicant belongs to a university or public research institution in Japan, please apply for "FY 2020 Joint Research (Domestic)". If the applicant belongs to a university or public research institute outside Japan, please apply for "FY 2020 Joint Research (International)".

・Application Guidelines for FY2020 Joint Research (Domestic)
・Application Guidelines for FY2020 Joint Research (International)

・Application Form for "FY2020 IMSUT Domestic Joint Research Project" (Form 1)
・Application Form for "FY2020 IMSUT International Joint Research Project" (Form 1)

FY2019 Adopted International Joint Research Projects

FY2019 International Joint Usage/Research Center Seminar

Regulation of oxidative stress and its role in bacterial-induced gastrointestinal DNA damage
  Speaker:Peter B. Ernst DVM, PhD(02/14/2020)
Increasing Problems with Food Intolerances and Food Allergies around the World
  Speaker:Sheila E. Crowe(02/14/2020)
Searching for T cell exhaustion modifiers
  Speaker:Peter D. Katsikis(01/29/2020)
Investigation of DNA gyrase-interacting proteins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the implications for TB therapy
  Speaker:Kaixia Mi(02/06/2020)
Nanozymes and its applications in medicine
  Speaker:Xiyun Yan(01/22/2020)
Comprehensive 3D Imaging by Tissue Clearing Technique CUBIC
  Speaker: TAINAKA Kazuki(12/17/2019)
Genetic and Structural Investigations of DNA Methylation Maintenance Mechanisms
  Speaker: Pierre-Antoine Defossez(12/02/2019)
Recent Evolution of a TET Controlled and DPPA3/STELLA Driven Pathway of Passive
 Demethylation in Mammals

  Speaker: Heinrich Leonhardt(12/02/2019)
Understanding and Targeting Cancer Microenvironment
  Speaker: Professor Zhihai Qin(11/25/2019)

FY2019 International Joint Usage/Research Center-Young Researchers Symposium

FY 2019 Young Researchers Symposium "Rising Stars in Cutting Edge Immunology Research" will be held in the Auditorium of IMSUT.


Past Application Requirements