This program emphasizes two areas in which IMSUT has exercised world leadership: Genomics and Infectious Diseases. Employing this expertise, we will develop new treatments, preventatives and control measures for cancer and infectious diseases and focus on research for implementing personalized medicine. Of integral importance, this will all be done in the context of creating a center for training the young talent who will shoulder the burden of developing cutting edge therapies for treating these maladies.

What's New

March 13,2013
GCOE Program Seminar(Careerpath Support Seminar)
" The 13th Shirokane Career Platform
- A Minisymposium for accomplishment of biomedical and pharmaceutical innovation from Japanese research, through TR in Japan and, towards Japanese patients."
March 8,2013
GCOE Program Seminar(Careerpath Support Seminar)
"Shirokane Home Coming Seminar, Part3/4 -Welcome folks! Just look back and talk about our lives together-"
March 15,2013
GCOE Program Sminar(Medical Science Saminar)
"A novel histone ubiquitylation couples maintenance DNA methylation and DNA replication"
March 8,2013
GCOE Program Seminar(Global Education Seminar)
"BM endothelial cells are hierarchically organized, with a hemogenic transplantable stem cell at the apex, giving rise to functional blood vessels as well as the entire blood system."

Whats's New


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