Center of Education and Research for Advanced Genome-Based Medicine

The objectives of this program comprise the development of novel therapies using genome information, the development of strategies for disease-prevention, and the achievement of personalized medicine in the fields of cancer treatment, and the control of infectious diseases, thereby extending people’s healthy lives. Additionally, by allowing graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to participate in this research, we can train them to understand the diverse facets comprising the process from genome research through to realization of returns to society, including the proper comprehension of genome information, basic research based on such comprehension, applications in treatment and expansion to industry. Since genome research on cancer and infectious diseases has been promoted in academia based on global collaboration, these fields are very good platforms for instilling young scientists with international perspectives.

During this last half-century, the amount of knowledge has been increasing explosively in medical science, most notably in the field of genomics. In the last few years in particular, the revolution in technology to examine polymorphisms has enabled scientists to acquire vast amounts of genome information. It has been proven that analysis of this information can be used to analyze the personal differences in predisposition to various diseases and responsiveness to drugs. These data have been useful for the development of advanced therapies and prevention. Despite this advance, the level of understanding in Japan regarding genome research subsequent to the decoding of the genome sequence appears to be low, and there is a conspicuous lack of trained scientists and clinicians capable of further promoting this field. To accelerate the future development of advanced clinical medicine, it is essential to train young researchers to be able to develop research projects based on a proper understanding of genome information intermeshed with cross-disciplinary knowledge. We are facing the constant threat of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases caused by changes in the global environment. To meet the challenges posed by such infectious diseases, it is essential to promote research based on genome information from both parasitic and pathogenic interactions with a global perspective and international collaboration. Cancer and infectious diseases constitute problems facing humanity that demand the development of methods of prevention and therapy through global collaborations. Thus, the aims of this program are very important for promoting good health on an international scale.

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