International Cooperation

The Human Genome Center, Japan’s first research facility dedicated to genome research, shoulders a central role for genome research carried out in Japan. Furthermore, we are propelling top-level research in the global arena with such endeavors as the Human Genome Project and analyzing and building a database of genetic polymorphisms among healthy Japanese individuals. In the realm of infectious disease research, aside from serving as a center for the Infectious Disease Research Network in Eastern Japan and possessing the International Research Center for Infectious Diseases, we serve as a hub for international research with a research lab set up in Beijing and a network of strong research collaborations with North America and Europe. The Advanced Clinical Research Center and IMSUT Research Hospital have succeeded in implementing a research bridge that verifies the findings of basic research for use in the clinic, and in so doing, plays a guiding role within Japan in communicating the importance of this research to society. IMS is also conducting high quality collaborative research with the Institute Pasteur in France, the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology in Singapore and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing through official academic agreements.

Cooperation between Institute of Medical Science and overseas centers of excellence


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